WordDiscovery is available via monthly subscription. We provide two plans, Gold and Silver. Each is offered now on a promotion. We also provide a free 10-day Trial. At the expiration of the Trial period, you will be able to sign up for either the Gold or Silver Plan, or neither.

The Gold Plan provides access to all WordDiscovery functions including WordDiscovery SuggestedWords and our integrated word processors. It is currently priced on promotion at $39.99 per month.

The Silver Plan provides access to all WordDiscovery SuggestedWords functions except our integrated word processors. It is currently priced on promotion at $34.99 per month.

Personal accounts may be paid with credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Personal accounts are invoiced automatically on a recurring Monthly basis until canceled by you. You may cancel with each invoice notification, or by updating your Profile and deleting your Auto Pay credit card. You can update your Profile by clicking the Edit Profile item under the Members Only item on the Main Menu. Use this method if you don't get or see an email with your invoice. Declined, returned, or canceled payments including those involving charge backs  may be charged a fee and expenses for resolution. Accounts are suspended until overdue invoices are paid. Corporate and institutional members may use these methods as well as electronic checks, ACH, and debit cards. Payment is in advance of services. We do not provide refunds as services are deemed to be used during the period subscribed. We reserve the right to terminate an account if we believe it is being used other than in accordance with these Terms of Use. No refund will be provided in these circumstances.

You can use the currency converter below to determine the approximate price in your currency. The actual charge will be based on the Exchange Rate set by your bank  and credit card.


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