Language Learning and Travel

Using WordDiscovery for Language Learning and Travel

There are multiple ways to use WordDiscovery for Language Learning and Travel such as:

  • Using the multi-language WordDiscoveryTM capabilities
  • Get word suggestions for communicating with colleagues in other countries
  • Sharpen your correspondence, blogs, and conversations

Setting the Basic Dictionary to Spanish
Most displays in WordDiscovery are multilingual and allow you to set them to any of 30 languages. To set the Basic Dictionary to Spanish we select Spanish for both the Grid and the Search like below.

Here is the resulting Grid.

Notice that we've selected Spanish for the Grid at the top left and the Search language drop down is also now in Spanish. Now we can search for Words in Spanish. Note that we have searched for words containing 'social' in their Definition. WordDiscovery let's us search with many criteria including Qualitative factors like Good/Bad (Bueno/Malo).

Sharpen Your Language Skills
WordDiscovery is a great language learning aid. We call our language learning methods Learn-by-Text, Write-to-Learn, Read-to-Learn, Listen-to-Learn, and Speak-to-Learn. A fundamental component of these methods are the WordDiscovery Editors in WordDiscovery Gold. With the Editors you can:

  • Learn words in context.
  • Enter a topic and view words in that topic along with related words in a chosen language.
  • Expand your vocabulary with word suggestions
  • Display word suggestions in other languages by simply selecting the language from a drop-down menu

Because language courses typically are general purpose, they consist of planned lessons which may have little to do with what your immediate goals are.  They may teach words that you won't be using currently and bog you down with details that just aren't critical to your needs.  For example, if you are traveling, what is it important for you on this trip? Will it be business or pleasure? Now you learn in your target language the words in the topics and context of your travel.