Category Search

What are Categories?

WordDiscovery has assigned categories to adjectives, verbs, and adverbs. A category represents the context of a word. For example, feelings and emotions, circumstances and conditions, appetite and satisfaction, expressions and writing, crime and prosecution, ends and means. There are approximately 500 categories in WordDiscovery, and a word may exist in multiple categories. 

Find Categories by Word

When you search for a word such as words containing 'social' below, you see a grid containing all matching words. The concept is that you can search for a word, and then click View Category to see other words in the same Categories as your word. This gives you a very broad approach to finding Categories and their Related Words. You can begin by searching for a word like below where we are searching for words that Contain 'social'.

Here are a few of over 100 results. Note the View Categories column of buttons. For each word, we can see all the Categories it is in and then all words in a Category we select.


Now we can view other words in our desired Category by clicking on the View Categories icon in its row. Let's click on the View Categories icon for 'antisocial'.  Here are our results. There are 23 Categories we can choose from. To see the words in a Category, click its View Category button.

Here we have chosen to see words in the first Category (Attitude, Behavior..). We see the first of a couple thousand words. We can

You can view Related Words by clicking its View Related button. Importantly, we can focus to see words that meet our detailed criteria using Advanced Search like below. We are choosing to see words in the Category that have an Implication of 'accord'.

Here are a few of the 180 the resulting suggestions. You can refine further using any of the search criteria.


Categories are a powerful tool for discovering adjectives, verbs, and adverbs in a context. We are often in need of a word to express feelings, for example, or for a word describing art, achievements, or affect.  These are just a few of the 500 categories of adjectives, verbs, and adverbs in WordDiscovery.

Categories are great for helping you bring color, specificity, and action to your words. We think you will find them very useful.