Benefits for Students and Teachers

Here are a few of WordDiscovery’s capabilities and benefits of special interest to students and educators.

  • Discover words in any of 30 languages, like Arabic, Chinese, English, German, French, Japanese, Slavic Languages, Russian, Thai, and Urdu.
  • Exact word is not needed to search. Search for words by entering characters starting, ending, or in any sequence within the word. WordDiscovery will display all matching words.
  • Search by topic by entering a term in WordDiscovery's definition fields.
  • Search by category to find words of appearance, feeling, thought, achievement, and hundreds of other categories.
  • Search by class to find nouns and verbs in areas such as anatomy, communication, natural events, cognitive processes, etc.
  • View word complements such as adjectives and verbs matched in context to specific nouns.
  • View interactive graphics of word relationships.
  • Use IntelligentRhymingTM to find rhyming words in context and meaning.
  • Find words by characteristics like those having ‘good’ or ‘bad’ implications.

In WordDiscovery Gold:

  • Write in any of the 30 languages.
  • Simultaneously access WordDiscovery WordDiscoverytm functions.
  • Extract words from text by frequency and compare in native and foreign tongue.

WordDiscovery is provided via individual subscription. WordDiscovery can be accessed via most popular browsers and via devices such as desktops, notebooks, smart phones, and laptops in Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, and IOS (iPad/iPhone).

Feature Benefits for Students Benefit for Teachers
WordDiscoverytm Find words you may otherwise not think of. Facilitates and enhances vocabulary instruction
Search for words using letters which are just part of the word Don't need to know a word or its spelling to find it. Provides teachers with quicker and more comprehensive word and vocabulary search and illustration.
Search for words by topic. Easily find words on any subject of interest. Saves time and sparks interest. Easier to create class assignments.
Search words by sound. Great for finding rhyming words. Teachers can illustrate different rhyming schemes such as for poetry.
Search words by characteristics, such as words having a 'good' or 'bad' implication. Easily find words to express your emotions or characterize a scene, event, or person. Helps in conveying the meaning, nuances, and implications of words.
View word complements. Easily enhance, animate, and refine your thoughts and expressions. Helpful in illustrating the possibilities in the expression and clarification of thoughts and feelings.
Mine words by hierarchy. Drill down from a general category to a subcategory, on down to specifics. Helpful in elucidating the hierarchical order of things and ideas.
Find words by category. Rather than struggling to find adjectives and verbs for feelings, situations, or topics, simply display all words in their category. Makes it easier to provide examples of words that illustrate feelings and refine thoughts.
Find words by class. Easily find words such as nouns of anatomy or verbs of communication. Instruct your students using 85 classes of nouns and 16 classes of verbs.
Display word relationships in graphic form Easily navigate word relationships in an interactive graphic, finding words you need without endlessly searching dictionaries, a Thesaurus, or the Internet. Graphics facilitate instruction on word relationships like hypernyms and holonyms.
Integrates word processing and word discovery. Increases productivity.
A single tool for teachers and students. Teachers can use it to demonstrate and students can use for assignments.
Substitute little icons for words in your document without searching for pictures on the Internet. Fun, especially for young people, to communicate in pictures. Pique young students' interest in writing by showing them how easy it is to substitute pictures for words.
Discover words in 30 languages. Students can explore foreign words by topic and mine words by hierarchy.
Students can discover words in each language without exact spelling or even by category or class.
Students can find word complements in each language.
Gives language instruction a new twist.  Takes the drudgery out of learning vocabulary in other languages.
We provide Gold and Silver Subscription Plans. Faculty and students can choose a plan that meets their budget.