After Joining

Wordipedia provides the largest language reference system on the Internet

We developed Wordipedia as an organization because our intent is that, together, we can create an interactive environment for members to share all they wish about language arts.  When you join Wordipedia, you get access to the Wordipedia WordDiscoveryTM system and later to our Bulletin Board, Training, Newsletter, and to Member Activities.

Once you have have joined and you go to our website ( you will see this top line menu.

Now, click the MEMBER LOGIN button on the right to login like this:

After you login, the Home Page displays again, but now the MEMBER LOGIN button is replaced with the GO TO APPLICATION button like this.

Now click the GO TO APPLICATION button and the WordDiscovery system will display a Main Menu like this:

If you click the Discover menu item, you can then select the Basic Dictionary like this:

When you are in the WordDiscovery application, you can view Video Tutorials and display the full Help System. The Assistance item will display FAQs and also information of what to do if you get an error.  For example, if you leave the WordDiscovery system in the middle of doing something, like searching, but then are called away for a long time, you may need to refresh the application you were using.

Get connected by becoming a member today to receive these great benefits:

- Discover words, don't just look up words you already know about!

- Use any of 30 languages to find and explore words.

- Discover word associations like matching Complements for your words.

- Find words by Category such as adjectives of feeling and appearance.


- Word Equals, Contains, Starts With, or Ends With what you enter.

- Word is About Something that you enter.

- Word is possibly a child or part of something you know.

- Word is displayed on an interactive graphic you can search.

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